Principal Message

To prepare students of Helasita secondary school accomplish the highest academic excellence that is relevant to their practical oriented programs with meaningful education that will enable them to pursue careers of self interest for the betterment of the Nation.

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Life at School

Helasita Secondary School promises to offer quality education by continually reviewing its quality control activities and learning process by taking into consideration the following pedagogical elements:

The school promises to make effort in understanding about the students background(academic, family matters and other aspects) in order to decide the most appropriate course of action to help such students.

The school promises to use experience and creativity of teachers, students and non teaching staff to come up with the best ways of engaging students to develop skills and knowledge which will enable them to think critically.

The School promises to provide all essential opportunities to the students that will challenge their imagination and freedom of the will to choose the beat possible course of action from what they have already learned in the past.

We also promise to lay effective foundations for the students to have real life reflection from their theoretical knowledge.

A number of evaluation techniques will be used including, quizzes, questionnaires, tests, projects, interviews and others.